Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Night At The Movies

So I just got back from seeing "Elizabethtown" and the main thing I took from it is that Orlando Bloom is wearing my fucking shirt at the end of the movie...the shirt I'm wearing in my current profile pic. It was completely and utterly distracting to see something I've worn dozens of times up on the big screen. It ruined the whole ending. Also, may I note that Kirsten Dunst has really crooked teeth but she's still akwardly charming (read "charming" as "i'd-like-to-slip-a-finga-down-tha-crack-of-dat-ass") .

Oh yeah. . .the movie was alright. It had good music in it but way too much forced dialogue. It would have been better had there been different casting for the leads perhaps. But who am I to play movie critic. . .I'm a music critic.

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