Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Few Things

Hey there, here's a few things:

-As some of you know, it was my birthday a week ago. I turned 28, which is nowhere near thirty. Beside the annual internal freakout ("I'm old and past my prime! What the hell am I doing with my life?! Is this really where I imagined I'd be at 28?!"), I had a good time. Adrienne arranged a romantic dinner on our balcony and made me a cake. It was yummy. She also got me a melodica, which is a cross between a harmonica and an accordion. Very cool. If you don't know what it sounds like listen to the left channel of your stereo during the chorus of "Clint Eastwood" by the Gorillaz or "Tomorrow Comes Today" on the same album and you'll get the idea.

-I'm starting a new job on Thursday at the Guitar Center. I need money. They offered to pay me money in return for selling guitars. I agreed to do so. We'll see what happens. Does this mean I've given up my search for a "serious" job? No, it just means that I've grown tired of having to watch my spending habits. I'm pretty sick of having to say no to things that I want, even if it's just a magazine or another beer with dinner. Hell, me and Adrienne's idea of a nice dinner out lately is a trip to the Chick-Fil-A across the street. I'm about done with that lifestyle.

-I did however put down $6.50 on a matinee movie ticket to "Jackass 2" recently and it was money well spent. I laughed hard. And I guarantee that you can show me that movie at any point in my life and I will find it funny. And that my friends is called "Timelessness" -- or "continously being immature" if you want to be a dick about it.

-Have you downloaded the new version of iTunes yet? How cool is the new album cover side-scrolling view?! I had to go and download all the covers of my albums right away. It took a while considering I have 33GB of music on there. I'm such a fucking slave to my own obsessive compulsive behavior, I know. I even had to go copy and paste a bunch of covers from Allmusic and Amazon since iTunes couldn't locate them. But clearly it was all worth it.

-We're about to hit the third anniversary of Elliott Smith's death here in ten or so days. I have never been affected by a musician's death as much as I have by his. It was truly like I had lost a friend. The circumstances in which I found out about his death are quite memorable too. I had just returned from Italy where I had attended my sister's wedding and I was staying with my parents in Michigan. I was in a record store in Ann Harbor buying two Pavement singles that I found in their clearance section when I approached the counter. There sat Elliott's XO album on a cardboard stand with the words "Elliott Smith R.I.P." written on top. Shocked by this sight I immediately asked the clerk what had happened and he said "Dude killed himself". I hurried home to my parent's place where I turned on the tv, even though I really didn't expect to hear any details. Like MTV was gonna interrupt their Real World marathon to even mention that he had died. CNN said nothing. My parents still hadn't given in to getting the internet so I didn't find out the gruesome details of his death until I reached home a few days later. I was truly sad. It was even more emotional hearing his songs on From A Basement On A Hill when it came out posthumously. What a shame. I hear Kill Rock Stars will soon release a collection of b-sides that were recorded around the time of his first three albums. I'll be glad to actually have an official release of those songs even though many of them have popped up on various bootlegs and on the internet over the years.

-I'm trying to limit the amount of ellipses I use (you know "..."). I've been known to use a lot in my writing and I got to thinking that perhaps it wasn't a good representation of how I speak. It makes it seem like all my statements are open ended and unfinished. And it comes with the assumption that the sentence isn't finished and that you should fill in the rest yourself which isn't something I necessarily want to subject people to do. You have so many other things to think about already...(Aaahh shit, I knew I couldn't do it!!!)

All right, I gotta go to bed now. Don't be shy and leave a comment once in a while. I miss all of you terribly.

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