Thursday, November 9, 2006

Warning: Inane Content Inside

More nonsense for your reading pleasure:

--Christian Bale is the little kid in "Empire of the Sun"?! Am I completely dumb for just figuring this out or what? It was on TV tonight, good movie, I hadn't seen it in years. Probably never even in English. First time I saw it was dubbed in Italian, probably in 1988. Ah, dubbed movies, the ultimate in crappiness.

--In Adrienne&Luca news, Adrienne got a job at a supertrendycool bakery/cafe today to supplement her daily grind at Starbucks and I had an interview for a job at Barnes & Noble. I think I got the job but they haven't called me with the news just yet. Let's hope that happens tomorrow.

--Saw "Borat" on Monday and it was hi-larious. I suggest you get your ass to the theater A.S.A.P.; if you've ever wanted to see two hairy men fighting and wrestling naked for what is seemingly an eternity (and you know you do), you're in luck. It's probably the most disgusting display of unsightly body hair I've ever seen. And there's teabagging involved. That's right. Ballsack in the face. Need I say more? GO SEE IT!!!

--I'm recording music again for the first time in months and I'm enjoying the process. I really need to take advantage of all the instruments and recording equipment I've collected over the years and create something worthwhile. I'm pretty proud of this new stuff. Lots of different instrumentation and textures. And I'm getting better at recording and mixing. I wish I could sing, it would make everything so much easier. I can come up with interesting melodies, I just can't execute them. Know anybody that can sing? And I mean that in a strictly non-American Idol or Rock Star Supernova way.

--The election results were somewhat pleasing. On the one hand, the Republican rule is over and that is undoubtedly a good thing. Their blatant disregard for basic human decency and constant glorification of ignorance has been obscene. We are all dumber for having been conscious through the last six years. On the other hand, I really have no faith that anything will actually change with the Democrats in control. Not these Democrats. They're just not hardcore liberal enough for me and plus Bush will finally get a chance to use his veto power so it looks like he'll have to take less vacations from now on. What a jerkoff. I'm really sick of seeing his face and his shit-eating grin.

Lately just thinking about politics makes my stomach twist into a knot. I wish something would happen on a massive worldwide scale that would shake the foundations of the establishment and turn everything that's grown stale into something fresh. Positive or negative, I don't care. If millions of people have to die in the process, I'm willing to accept it. Am I reverting to my juvenile, anarchist, listening to RageAgainstTheMachine views? Maybe. I want progress and major social overhauling and I want it NOW.

But you do it; I'm busy writing blogs on MySpace and watching Family Guy.

At least maybe the focus of the nation will move away from such meaningless and trivial things like gay marriage and flag burning and I hope more pressing matters will be addressed. We definitely have to have a shift of priorities as a peoples. But what does it matter what I think, I can't even vote.

All right, time for bed. Good night and good luck.

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