Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We Know A Place Where No Planes Go

So, the Arcade Fire did not disappoint tonight. All ten members were full of energy and quite entertaining to watch. This was my first time seeing them live so I was surprised to see how much instrumental musical chairs they play; with the exception of the sassy (Adrienne used this word, I would never) violin player who stuck by her fiddle all night, everyone else traded instruments after every song. And they had all sorts of cool instruments too: toy piano, french horn, mandolin, glockenspiel and hurdy gurdy. I love the hurdy gurdy. Love it. I want one so bad.

For those of you who have never seen a hurdy gurdy this is what it looks like:

It sounds like a mix between a violin and a bagpipe and it's played by turning a crank. Super cool. If you have the new Decemberists album, The Crane Wife you can hear the hurdy gurdy in action throughout the song "Sons & Daughters".


The Civic Center was a pretty cool venue. It's a 4,600 seat theater very much like TPAC in Nashville. The sound was great. And with the exception of some drunk fat girl constantly screaming about her titties in the row behind us (she was singing about them and threatened to pull them out; in fear of being blinded, I did not look), we had a good time.

So, if Arcade Fire happens to pass through your town, you should definitely check them out.


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