Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pay Attention, This Might Be Important.

"Halloween: H20" has been on television every night for the last year or so --maybe even longer. I've only been paying attention to this phenomenon for that time span, ever since I noticed that it was on the premium channels on digital cable for what seemed like every night. And it HAS BEEN ON EVERY SINGLE NIGHT SINCE! I'm not sure what this means but it might be important, so please take note.

It's mostly on Showtime or Cinemax between 11pm and 3am but it also comes on Starz and Encore quite often. Why is this movie being shown so much? That's all I want to know. I mean, it's not very good. It wasn't a hit at the box office. It's the sixth sequel in a series that only produced one movie worth seeing (although the remake of the first one, written and directed by Rob Zombie that's coming out in August looks pretty good).

If you have any insight on this particular issue, please enlighten me.

In other news, some people have asked me what I thought of "The Sopranos" finale, so this is as good a forum as there is:

Quite frankly, as I have previously stated, I had no expectations going into it so I really feel that it was an appropriate ending. A lot of people were disappointed by the open-endedness of the finale and have gone so far as to call the move gutless by writer/creator David Chase. I disagree. I think that if you look at the entire series for what it was, it couldn't have ended any other way.

The series was never about taking the viewers by the hand and walking them down a clear path where the characters' motivations and the events befalling them were neatly layed out. And that's what made it great, it never pandered to the audience but it always kept them guessing. The show stayed true to itself and that's all that I can ever ask for from any art form.

And for the people that tuned in just at the end to catch some bloodshed, you should have been watching all along --way more people were killed throughout the span of the show than in the whole history of the New Jersey mob...

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