Saturday, September 22, 2007

Things That Are Good

Things that are good:

-The song in the Fruit of the Loom commercial that looks like a video that has the "Fruit Guys" in it. You know, the one about the blue collection of underwear. Yeah, if you're anything like me (and congrats if you are) you'll be glad to know that they have the extended version up on YouTube. Oh man, it's great. But why go all the way to YouTube when you can just watch the damn thing here:

Now that's songwriting. Take notes, jingle writers, the bar has been set pretty damn high.

-Fionn Regan came by the Paste office this week to record a couple of songs for our podcast so we all squeezed in our little studio and watched him do his thing. It was great. He seemed like a nice enough fellow. If you haven't heard his album, "The End of History", you should probably do yourself a favor; you deserve it, after all. To keep it on the YouTube tip, here's a cool video of his:

-Speaking of Paste related things, if you happen to see the issue with Iron & Wine on the cover in the coming weeks, flip that bitch to page 12, hit the guy or gal standing next to you, point to my name on the page and say, "Hey, I know this dude, he's okay in small doses". That would make my mom awfully proud. C'mon, she needs it.

-I'm coming to Nashville next weekend, so shape up Tennessee! I want to see some excitement and high energy for my homecoming. Don't disappoint me.

I was supposed to go to my 10-year high school reunion but upon finding out that nobody that I actually want to see is going to be there, I asked myself why I was going. "Just to see how fat (fatter?) and lame (lamer?) everybody got?!"; I don't think so. That's really not enough to get me to spend $70 and waste a whole weekend around it. Oh well, there's always the 15-year reunion, everyone will be even fatter and lamer then. Me included.

Good night and good luck.

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