Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Pain And Sadness Is More Sad And Painful Than Yours*

I just heard an Andrew Bird song in a Residence Inn commercial.

This song, as a matter of fact:

Vintage Luca (circa 1997) would be very angry at this apparent compromise of one’s artistic integrity in exchange for monetary gain and would certainly use the "sell out" phrase when mentioning said artist in any subsequent conversation.

Modern-day Luca (circa now) could care less what Andrew Bird does with his publishing rights and is happy to hear snippets of a song he likes featured on television.

Needless to say, Vintage Luca learned to chill the fuck out and to not be such a douche over the years. I already wrote a blog on the subject of bands selling their songs for use in commercials so I won’t expound on my feelings on the matter here. But this admission of past errors in judgement and the ensuing attitude modification was worth noting.

*I can’t take credit for the subject line, it is the name of Mclusky’s first album. With the exception of Cannibal Corpse, Mclusky had the best song titles around. I love Mclusky. If I was to play in a noise rock trio, it would sound an awful lot like Mclusky (but not as good, of course) and the similarities would be obvious to anyone privy to the Welsh band’s catalog (or as they would write, "catalogue"). As previously noted, it’s too bad they broke up.


  1. my first thought when hearing the song: "hey! andy's getting paid!"

    my second thought: "gawd, they chopped the fuck outta that song!"

    once i saw the vw beetle commercial with a stereolab(!) song, i threw my hands up and cried uncle.

  2. i'd like to please submit of montreal's appearance on a t-mobile commercial for consideration as the best/worst example of this.




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