Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's A Big, Dusty Universe Out There

I have mixed feelings about NASA and their exorbitant budget, but I will admit that the Hubble telescope has been worth every penny of the $4 to $6 billion that have been invested so far. The pictures are amazing, let alone all the knowledge that has been acquired from them (and the great album covers that have been realized as well).

The launch of the more powerful James Webb Space telescope in 2013 will likely yield new discoveries and great new images of the oldest light of the universe, but in the meantime, the Hubble has proven quite revelatory on its own merits.

It's the 18th anniversary of the launch of Hubble today and NASA has released a bunch of new pictures, mostly of merging galaxies. I suggest you take some time to check out the entire collection of pics here and perhaps gain some perspective on how insignificant you really are in the scheme of the universe.

See, now that problem you've been having with your second cousin's roommate's girlfriend doesn't seem so important, does it?!

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