Thursday, August 7, 2008

Comcast Must Die!

Comcast is testing our patience.

Adrienne and I have been without cable and internet at our new place for two weeks. Comcast missed the first appointment to come set everything up because they didn't update my current phone number in their system, even though I had previously notified them three, count them, three times about the change (by phone and online). Adrienne waited all day for them to show up or call, but nothing. So of course, they had to set up another appointment --aaand it was for a full six days later.

They actually showed up for that one, but not in the original window they had given us of 11am-3pm. They showed up at 5:30pm. What the fuck? Adrienne wasted her whole day waiting for them --aaagain.

This time they hooked up the cable, but not with our full channel package (no HBO or Showtime) and they had to give us a new cable box, so we lost all the things we had recorded on our old DVR. The technician also set up the internet and assured me that their servers were currently down but that it would start working again later on last night --buuut of course, it never did.

So today, I got in touch with Comcast again (for what feels like the 30th time) and they told me that they diagnosed a non-specific(?) malfunction and would have to send out another technician --aaand that they couldn't do it until Monday from 3-5pm.

So I'm going to have to leave work early on Monday to go wait for them at home because Adrienne will be in Portland at the time. I get paid hourly, so I'm going to lose money by doing this.

Comcast is now taking food from the mouths of my imaginary children.

All I want to be able to do is watch television while concurrently surfing on the internet. It's all I ask for.

I no longer want to have to walk down the block with my laptop to use the first available unsecure wireless connection. I don't want to go down to the Edgewood Caribou Coffee and pretend to drink coffee for an hour so I can check my goddam email and the half dozen social networking sites I belong to.

I also run an online business from my home, which is kind of hard to do without the internet.

I'm seriously considering getting the Dish and DSL right about now. Just the thought of paying Comcast good money for their crappy service after all this makes me very angry.

Fuckity fuck fuck.

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