Monday, August 18, 2008

Simple-y Overblown

I saw Tropic Thunder this past weekend.

I found that the recent hubbub over jokes at the expense of developmentally disabled individuals is, well, retarded.

First of all, Tropic Thunder isn't even the first film starring Ben Stiller to make fun of mentally impaired persons. There's Something About Mary comes to mind as an earlier example. Remember the whole Warren, "Have you seen my baseball" shtick? That was way more exploitative.

Plus, Tropic Thunder makes fun of Hollywood's fixation with rewarding actors who play retards more than the retards themselves. Did I say retards? I meant, "mentally differently-abled." Sorry. I don't know what I was thinking.

Rather than griping with the questionable humor of Tropic Thunder, respected groups like The Arc of the United States and Seguin Services should be protesting more worthwhile offenses, such as a certain US president giving retards a bad name for nearly a decade now.

Needless to say, my favorite part of Tropic Thunder didn't involve any of the aforementioned retard-bashing, but rather, gratuitous violence towards children. Now, that's funny!

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