Saturday, September 27, 2008

Albums That You Should Own, But Perhaps Don't (And In That Case, You Soon Will): Centro-Matic - Distance And Clime

Centro-Matic - Distance And Clime

I came across Centro-Matic's Distance And Clime like so many records before it and since-- through my friend Barrett. When I worked at the record shop, Barrett came in almost every single day to hang out, sell records and occasionally buy something. His passion and knowledge for music was only matched by his disposition for being broke, so my record collection benefited greatly from his frequent used CD sales.

I came to appreciate Distance And Clime even more when Barrett and I went to see Centro-Matic at 12th & Porter in February of 2004. It's definitely their best record. Songs like "The Connection Is Not So Civilized" and "To Unleash The Horses Now"quickly made their way to several mix tapes (all right, mix cds, but that just doesn't sound as good) and subsequent iTunes playlists.

Listen for yourself:

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