Monday, February 9, 2009

The F#@k You Say?

I've always had a good relationship with swear words.

I think I learned at a young age that there are appropriate situations to use them without being rude or vulgar and that they carry a certain weight and gravitas that other words perhaps do not. They have such impact on speech; angry is angrier, enthusiasm is more enthusiastic, risqué is riskier, and funny is funnier with swear words.

They're all just so fucking versatile.

So versatile, in fact, that they make up about 75% of the dialogue in Martin Scorsese movies as evidenced here:

and here:

And if you're patient as fuck, you can try and make it through all the swears you've been missing on The Sopranos if you've only seen it on A&E (good luck, it's over 27 fucking minutes long):

And what the fuck, here's some fucking more for your fucking pleasure:

Okay, I think I need to fucking wash my fucking mouth out with fucking soap now.

I feel dirty.



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