Monday, February 16, 2009

Hacked Road Signs Warn Of Nazi Zombies, Velociraptors And The British

I love these hacked traffic signs that keep popping up all over the country.

If hackers chose to spend more time creating witty signs and less time trying to redirect my browser to porn sites, it would all be fine and dandy by me.

But alas, they don't, and so I've yet to see any of these signs on my own streets of Atlanta.

However, I do ride the train a lot, so I guess I'm not putting myself in the best possible position to be exposed to them.

All I know is that they're pretty damn funny.

So what if they cause an accident or two or twelve... who cares? They are far more interesting than most art installations I've seen, and great art always requires a bit of sacrifice.

Maybe what I really like about this form of post-modern e-vandalism is the hope of a not-too-distant future when signs like this will be a legitimate last minute warning against imminent doom.

It fulfills my deepest apocalyptic fantasies of the collapse of society as we know it.

And that's good shit.

Whether it's rabid velociraptors or brain-starved, Nazi zombies --which, by the way, who would have thought that zombies had the mental capacity and the will to organize around an ultra-nationalistic, racist, right-wing ideology (but then again, there's the GOP...)-- I don't care, just make it happen soon and make it severe enough to count for something.

I've got all this pent-up survivalist instincts just aching to get out and the older I get, the less likely it is that I'll be able to survive the first wave of attacks.

I've seen far too many zombie "movies" (or as I like to call them, "multimedia prophecies") to know what happens to people who are not in their prime physical and intellectual shape when the shit goes down.

Oh yes, there's no zombie wasteland for old men.

Then again, all signs don't have to forecast certain doom. They can also remind us of things once forgotten, but instantly recognized, such as this favorite of mine:
Or they might warn us from never mistaking old foes for new allies, because history always repeats:
Whatever it is, keep 'em coming, hackers*.

*by the way, whenever I say hackers, I think of these guys here to the right.

Gosh, I guess I've never thought about it, but their only crime WAS curiosity. So true.

Oh, yeah. And terrible. fashion. sense.


  1. That's why it's critical for everyone to read "World War Z" so we're all prepared for what has to be done. But when it comes to hackers, I sure wish it looked as cool to do as it did in the movie. Staring at strings of code is just not as neat as all the cool CG shit going on in their laptops. Also, this is the only movie where Angie Jolie is at all hot to me, am I alone in this?

  2. Um that is AWEsome. Where did you discover all these signs?

    PS I've always been a little bit afraid that if the monster from Cloverfield and his ilk decide to attack Decatur, I'll be unfit for survival. I mean, I go to the gym and shit, but I don't know if I can build a fire or a zombie-proof shelter, MacGuyver style. I feel like I would be a lot more prepared had I been a Boy Scout as a kid.

  3. Well, I was in the Boy Scouts (the Italian version, anyway) and they did prepare us for all that stuff. I can build a fire ON a zombie.

  4. these signs are so clever, even better than all that guerrilla shit we talk about in advertising.



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