Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hacked Road Signs Update

Just to follow up on a previous post, road sign hackers are still wreaking havoc upon orange-coned streets all over America — hell, some are probably doing it right now, as we speak, just down your block.

And while some of the messages on these signs are not as imaginative as I'd like to see, they're still pretty funny and definitely worth sharing.

Here's a fresh batch of bumper to bumper comic relief:

I'm not sure the "LOL!!" part was really necessary. It sort of dilutes the message, which is a good message, by the way.

The truth is often devastating. In this case, the "HA HA!!" part adds injury to the torturous agony of impending tardiness.

The zombie attack —always a popular message. Incidentally, this sign is also the most likely to be used in real-life situations.

How existential.

That's just plain mean. You know someone had to pull over and break down crying at the wheel shortly after seeing that.

If these signs had been around during George W's college days, he totally would have been the culprit... oh, and he would have been high on cocaine. Like, REAAALLY HIGH on cocaine.

Again, very existential. Or just plain factual if the sign previously read "Volcanic Sinkhole Ahead. Stop By Any Means Necessary."

I'll keep you on the up-and-up as more signs appear on the interwebs. Until then, drive safely.


  1. I love it! I wish someone would do that to the million of those signs on my way to work. And also, I like the new color scheme you got here. Keeps me pepped up as I read.

  2. LOL... That is really funny signs.. Great pics... love it...



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