Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mission Aborted — Writer's Block May Also Affect Fake Writers

This is the post I started to write earlier today before realizing that I was probably just talking out my ass:
The graph to the left (courtesy of Fortune) shows the span of time it took certain technologies to be adopted by 150 million users, with Facebook being the most recent to hit that mark. It reveals the increasingly accelerated rate to which the public embraces technological advancements.

While the cause of said acceleration cannot be reduced to a single phenomenon, it certainly would be nice if this collective hastening was part of a collective conscious acceptance to the benefits that new technologies can offer everyday lifea sort of mass awakening to the 21st Century.

After all, these advancements aim to make our lives more efficient, convenient, and ultimately fuller, and the fact that more people are willing to adopt them at a faster rate than ever can only mean good thingsespecially as it applies to a general acceptance and exposure to new ideas, which, at its core, is the key to achieving any significant progress.

I stopped writing after the third paragraph because I realized that I didn't know what the hell I was writing about anymore. I thought I did when I started, but it turns out I didn't... at all. This is an all too common occurrence as of late. I must've started at least five blogs in the last couple of weeks and have had to abandon all of them because of a lack of focus or failure to find a theme.

Writing blogs shouldn't have to be this hard. Especially in my case because I'm not really writing about hard subjects here—most of the time I'm just bull-shitting about mindless minutia.

Is it because I'm trying to write about things I may not particularly be passionate about? No. Maybe I'm just being lazy? I don't think so, I've been lazy since long before I had a blog and it's never stopped me before. Perhaps it's just writer's block, but I think you actually have to be a writer to get one of those and I went to friggin' business school, for chrissakes...

All I know is that I'm feeling rather uninspired lately.

Even the $1.19 I've netted in the last couple of weeks off my Google Ads doesn't entice me to write new content, and if such copious amounts of money fails to motivate me, what will?

Oh well, I'm gonna try and ride this out until I get inspired again. It'll happen. Until then, bear with me, my little ones. I'll try to make it worth your while.

And click on an ad or two once in while, will ya?!

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  1. Luca, my man, don't let your case of writer's block get you down. I love your blog, and I look forward to catching up on your regular posts. Even if I'm not always interested in the topic, your unique style of writing keeps me tuned in. You provide just the right balance of thought-provoking-ness and conversational banter. Humor, sarcam, intellect...I'd hire you to write a column for my magazine any day (if I had one). Anyway, my meager advice to you is to let your daily interactions and conversations inspire you. We're more vocal and more passionate when we connect with someone else on a topic, whatever it may be (even if it's something as disgusting as diarrhea!) Perhaps you feel disconnected from your readers, and that's why you're struggling to provide them with content. Next time you sit down to write, keep some of us in mind and imagine that your're reaching out to us directly. Happy blogging!



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