Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Albums That You Should Own, But Perhaps Don't (And In That Case, You Soon Will): Arlo - Up High In The Night

Arlo - Up High In The Night

Note to bands who are out to impress me: loud, fuzzy guitars and strong vocal melodies are surefire ways to get me to like your album. And in that respect, Arlo's 2001 debut for Sub Pop, Up High In The Night, does a real crummy job at getting me to hate the Los Angeles-based band.

How could anyone hate this record? It's chock-full of infectious tunes, heavy on lyrical consonance while still packing a mean, power-pop punch. "Nerf Bear Bonanza" and "Shutterbug" are akin to the Ramones at their best—sugary, yet tough. "Sitting On The Aces" and "Lucid" pay homage to Seattle's early 90's grunge, à la Mudhoney or Screaming Trees, while "Oh Yeah" and "Elena" will have you swaying your lighters in the air.

Best of all, Up High In The Night (don't say it too fast, or people will think you're saying "A Pie In The Night") is a great driving record, especially during warmer months that allow for rolled-down windows and cranked-up stereos.

Inhibited back-seat singers need not apply.



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