Friday, May 1, 2009

Steve Buscemi Is The Best!

Steve Buscemi, this Blingee represents my love for you!
Steve Buscemi Is The Best!
Have I ever mentioned how Steve Buscemi is the best?!

Well, he is.

Few actors have as much range or are as universally respected as Mister Buscemi. He's been in more movies and television shows than anyone else I can think of right this second. And even though he's totally made acting his bitch, it's like, barely a hobby for him. He also writes, directs, and produces!

And that's just the fucking beginning.

Did you know he used to be a New York City fireman from 1980 to 1984? A fucking fireman. Get this, he fucking shows up at his old firehouse the day after 9/11 to volunteer. Just shows up, like, "I'm here, fuckers, give me a shovel." This motherfucker worked twelve hour shifts for a week, digging through rubble with his old comrades. Where were you?

He wasn't getting paid for that shit. He wasn't looking for recognition. He just did it because he's a fucking good guy. Compared to Steve Buscemi, you and I are fucking pathetic. Just useless fucking turds.

And when was the last time you heard anyone say anything bad about Steve Buscemi? It just doesn't happen. No one denies this!

I don't know, man, I'm just proud to live in a world that has Steve Buscemi in it and this is the only way I know how to say it. You should be proud too.

Now do yourself a favor and go rent Airheads. It's fucking great, you know it. Here's a reminder:

I wish Steve Buscemi was in my band. We'd be called The Steve Buscemi Project featuring Steve Buscemi. I wouldn't mind playing second fiddle to him, he's the best.


  1. he was amazing in the sopranos. and ghost world. and everything i've ever seen him in. i would gladly play tambourine and do all the booking for the Steve Buscemi Project featuring Steve Buscemi.

  2. nobody curses like buscemi. the way he says "fuck" (or any derivative) is poetry.



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