Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eliza The Arrow To Release "Toast The Tiger" Single On July 27th

Bazookaluca fave Elizabeth Grace Cameron (Forget Cassettes, Fair Verona) has reemerged as Eliza The Arrow, and the first single from the as-of-yet unnamed album (due out sometime in '09), "Toast The Tiger", will be released on July 27th on One Little Indian/Tangled Up.

We were teased a few months back with this (impressively) homemade, iMovie-edited video for the demo version of "Veneration", as an inclination of what direction E.G. Cameron and collaborator Doni Schroader would be headed in next, and I really liked loved it.

The "Toast The Tiger" single also comes with b-side "Double Life (for Piano)", a demo version for a song (presumably) off the forthcoming album.

I'm giddy for what's to come.


  1. i don't know who you are but your blog is annoying as shit.

  2. Don't ever talk shit about Joanna Gikas, people. Her retribution is swift and anonymous, if not too imaginative.



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