Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Ghost Returns In Various Apparitions

Turns out Michael Jackson is some sort of modern-day Jesus or something because just hours after his death he started showing up all over the place. First in the form of a grease stain, then in a tree stump, and finally in an ectoplasmic television appearance.

It all started on Tuesday, when he appeared in a carne asada pan in Brazil:

Then he made it onto a tree stump in Stockton, CA (although, I don't really see him in this one):

And finally, his ghost was captured on tape on Larry King live:

Where do you think he'll show up next? As a Cheeto? A cinnamon bun? Behind a curtain in the remake of Three Men And A Baby?!

Check back for updates. This is surely going to be an ongoing occurance.

UPDATE: CNN confirmed that the ghostly figure that appears in the video is actually just a crew member that walked passed a lighting fixture, creating a shadow on the wall. What, you thought it was a ghost? There's no such thing as ghosts, you silly bastard...

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: I forgot about when he appeared in the clouds over NYC. Hat tip to Nicole for reminding me.


  1. ooh, you missed the one where he is a cloud over Harlem.

  2. I think I see him in the clouds, but it must've been his pre-surgery ghost. Nose looks a lot wider...



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