Friday, August 28, 2009

"New" Elliott Smith song - "Grand Mal" Leaks, Bazookaluca Is Giddy

As many of you know, I am unabashed about my love for Elliott Smith; he is my favorite songwriter. The dude's never written a bad song in my book.

So you can imagine my excitement when a previously unreleased song, "Grand Mal", leaked onto the Sweet Adeline message boards this week. The song was probably recorded during the sessions for XO (which had the working title of Grand Mal) and is likely a demo, given Elliott's voice coming in at the end saying, "Forget it, now it's too fast."


You can also download this song on the Sweet Adeline board.

Update: Apparently the song has been removed from YouTube and the Sweet Adeline link has also been broken. I'll try to update with some new locations when they inevitably become available.

Another Update: You can still download the track here

Yet Another Update: You're shit out of luck. You can no longer download or stream it for now. Email me and maybe you'll get lucky. 

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