Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bazookaluca's Greatest Hits

According to an article in the New York Times, only 5% of blogs are kept up regularly.

I've managed to maintain this blog for nearly five years now.

So, take that, unfavorable statistical data!

What started on MySpace as nothing more than a place to jot down daily footnotes and random observations to an audience of a few friends, has grown a bit in scope and purpose over the years (if not in actual traffic.)

My very first entry was the track listing of a mix CD I had made that day.

Those were the days... no wit, no pics, no bothersome multimedia embeds; just plain and factual text—unadorned and austere.

Of course, that eventually got a bit boring, so I started writing about more pertinent topics, such as culturally insensitive Olive Garden commercials, ninja-themed game shows, and/or finding the worst MySpace band ever. You know, critical investigative journalism.

So, as a sort of half-assed retrospective, I dug up what I consider some of the finer moments of bazookaluca (what's been published on Blogger, anyway) to share with you. I also have links to these on the right, below the features menu, and will leave them up for a bit. I hope you'll take the time to read through them and leave a few words if you feel compelled. I always appreciate your comments.

Thanks for reading.

09/13/06 An Open Letter To Ethnic Food Marketers
10/08/06 Good Idea, Bad Idea
12/10/06 Musings On Metal Mania
06/30/07 Of All The People
12/04/07 A Stubborn Notion
02/17/08 One Thing I Love About Japanese People
04/04/08 It's Already Been Broughten
04/22/08 Guy Fiery Is A Douche
05/24/08 Ode To Heavy Metal
05/31/08 Attack Of The Hollywood Clones
07/08/08 Dreams Of Post Rock
10/20/08 Rats Off To Ya!
12/01/08 Chinese Democracy
01/09/09 Buying Stocks On The Day Of The Crash
02/16/09 Hacked Road Signs
02/20/09 Musings On Brokencyde
05/21/09 Aped Album Cover Designs
06/16/09 Japanese Robots From My (Italian) Youth
08/18/09 Saxual Healing

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