Thursday, October 1, 2009

Look, I Made Music Once. Am I Cool Now? Guys. Guys? Where Are You Going?!

Don't even act like I don't play guitar. I've got proof right here.

The time was 2002 (or 2003... I don't really remember) and the place was the basement of a house on Vine Ridge Road in Nashville, Tennessee. My roommate and I set forth to record a song with only one microphone, an old computer, and a bass line to aid us. What resulted (amongst other things) was this instrumental track.

James Shadinger played drums, I played bass, and we both overdubbed guitar parts (me in the left channel, James on the right.)

I can positively say that I was listening to a lot of Mogwai at the time and that they had something or other to do with the overall post-rock feeling of the song. It's definitely a track that takes its sweet damn time to develop. Basically, it requires some patience on your part, but goddam it, it pays off! I swear!

All right, enough talk, why don't you just listen to the damn thing:

<a href="">No Name (Basement Instrumental) by Near Femme</a>

If you go to Near Femme's (the name for all my music projects) page on Bandcamp, you can download this track for free in a variety of formats (mp3, aac, flac, Apple lossless). It would be cool if you did. I might just start posting more songs in the future, that is, if you're interested.

As always, thanks for reading, and now, listening.


  1. Wow. Just when you think it's gonna doesn't. For a long time.

    I'm actually not nearly as embarassed by that as I thought I would be. I've learned how to play drums since then.

    In the battle of right side guitar vs. left, I'll have to give the edge to you. Mostly because you had a wah pedal and weren't afraid to use it.

    Got anything else?

  2. perfect pre-trivia show song!



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