Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Indecipherable Death Metal Band Logos

What you see above are not stencils for tribal tattoos. No, these are not meant to occupy the space above anyone's butt crack—they are actually barely legible Death Metal band logos.

It seems that at some point in the genre's history, it became an unspoken rule that the more indecipherable your band's logo is, the more metal you can claim to be. It has gotten so bad that some of these logos resemble nothing more than a scribble or a random geometric shape.

I've included some of my favorites for you on the following slide show.*
*Just for fun, I slipped in a picture of a non-photosynthetic organelle found in most protozoan parasites belonging to the phylum Apicocomplexa. See if you can spot which one of these is actually a microscopic product of secondary endosymbiosis.

For a closer look, I encourage you to look at this slideshow here.

Oh, and if you're wondering what these bands actually sound like, my guess is that they resemble something along these lines. Except, you know, funnier...


  1. Those are actually black metal logos, and all the ones you've shown (in the first picture) are copyrighted by a friend of mine who designs black/death metal logos for a living. So, not only is your post irrelevent and stupid, it's likely criminal.

    Besides, I'd like to see you try making a death metal logo. Go ahead, I'm sure you could'nt produce anything half-way decent as her's.

  2. hahahahahahha well 'anonymous' you clearly are not a student of the law. it's called 'fair use' SUCKA!!!!

  3. He's not a student of any type, period. He can't even spell to save his life.

  4. Anonymous (the first one) may not know the law, but he certainly knows his music. The logos you've presented here are indeed Black Metal band logos. You should change the name of your article accordingly.

    You're absolutely right about Death Metal band logos however, though it applies more so to bands who classify themselves as "brutal death metal". Their logos are as indecipherable as BM band logos.



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