Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dylan Dog Movie Looks Like A Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episode, But Not In A Good Way

Dylan Dog was my favorite graphic novel series growing up in Italy. It follows l'indagatore dell'incubo Dylan Dog and his assistant, Groucho, on horror-themed inquests, battling zombies, vampires, and a myriad of ungodly monsters. The monthly books were ripe with violence, wit, sex, and metaphysical high jinks. I loved 'em, and so did many other Italians; Dylan Dog sells about a million copies every month and is distributed successfully all over Europe. Dark Horse Comics has even brought a few issues over to the US.

A couple of years ago, rumors started circulating of a US-produced Dylan Dog film being green-lit, and right away I thought it was a terrible idea. There was no way the source material was going to be honored and since very few people outside of Europe really know anything about Dylan Dog, it was pretty much a doomed project from the start.

Well, after watching the newly-released trailer today, I'd say I was 100% correct with my prognosis.

As Topless Robot points out, it has the tone and look of a Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode—not really the dark tone the series is known for. And it doesn't even take place in London. And there's no Groucho. Or Inspector Bloch. Oh, and two words: Taye Diggs. Yeah. Yikes.

The only saving grace is that it looks like it probably won't be released in US theaters after all. It's got straight to video written all over it. I just feel bad for comic fans in Italy, who get to see an icon being bastardized for international audiences. What a shame.

Here's the trailer for Dead of Night:

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