Friday, January 7, 2011

My Undivided Attention Right Now Belongs To Grinderman's Grinderman

When I worked at a record store years ago, I had 40 hours a week to listen to whatever I wanted. It was great—I could devote oodles of time to entire albums so they really had a chance to grow on me. And when something excited me, I could play it twice a day for two weeks straight, until it became as familiar as a friend's voice.

It was then I got the bulk of my music education. Some of my favorite albums of all time are married to that time period.

My current lifestyle, however, doesn't afford me the time to listen to a lot of albums from beginning to end. Instead, I get short bursts—a few songs while I get ready in the morning, some in the car, some on the train, a few at work, and then the cycle reverses. As a result, singles have taken over the bulk of my attention span.

I don't like this development.

So, in an effort to get back to enjoying my albums as they were intended, I'm gonna start devoting more time to listen to them from beginning to end. A resolution, for 2011, perhaps? I have no idea...

What I do know is that it might be fun to share which albums are part of my rehabilitation process, so here we are.

Right now, I'm listening to Grinderman's self-titled debut from 2006 and it's glorious.

Grinderman on Amazon

I'll post more on the Undivided Attention hashtag as I go along. It wouldn't hurt you to try this too.

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