Monday, February 21, 2011

Judgment Day Is Sooner Than You Thought, Says MySpace Ad

Came upon this ad today, on a Myspace page, of course (Shut up, my job makes me go to there.)
Christians, man, always trying to capitalize on others' bread and butter. It wasn't enough that the Mayans were slaughtered and subjugated in the name of Christ, now you gotta steal their doomsday thunder too?!

Low blow...

The Family Radio site is worth checking out though. There's articles titled "We are Almost There!," "I Hope God Will Save Me," and "Gay Pride: Sign of the End." There's also one titled "Another Infallible Proof" which (SPOILER ALERT) is actually extremely fallible.

Turns out that repenting and praying for your soul might help, so if you're so inclined, get to kneeling.


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