Friday, April 1, 2011


As mentioned earlier, acclaimed |mangerscene| innovators (NATIV&) STABL&S will release t   r  ou   g  h, their first mixtaEP, exclusively through BAZOOKALUCA RECORDS this spring.

I recently scored an exclusive interview with the duo, .ΔSH. and [ΔME†HYS†].

BAZOOKALUCA: Your EP is the inaugural release for the BAZOOKALUCA RECORDS imprint. Are you comfortable leading the way for this new, and possibly risky, venture?

.ΔSH.: First of all, it's not an EP, it's a mixtaEP. There's a huge difference.

[ΔME†HYS†]: Yes, we don't want people to misinterpret anything we do as conventional or bourgeois; as a commercial release of an "EP" would violently imply. We've created our own reality, on our own terms; it's not an "EP"—it's a mixtaEP—a short-form, cross-genre, cross-promotional instrument for manufacturing hype, of which we're certain about its success, no matter in which avenue it's initially distributed.

BAZOOKALUCA: Oh, excuse me, my bad. Your mixtaEP, Trough, is hard to nail down as a specific genre piece, it's quite eclectic.

.ΔSH.: You're spelling the title wrong.

BAZOOKALUCA: What do you mean by "spelling," I just said it out loud.

.ΔSH.: Yeah, but I can tell you're gonna spell it wrong in your piece just by the way you're saying it with the wrong inflection.

BAZOOKALUCA: What do you mean? How is my inflection wrong?

[ΔME†HYS†]: The title appears on the cover as it does for a specific reason. It's spelled t   r  ou   g  h, and it should be pronounced that way. Lower-case, and with ten spaces between the letters in a 3-2-3-2 pattern. The pattern is important, very important. It's paramount. It's the key to our whole overlying message.

BAZOOKALUCA: Which is...?

[ΔME†HYS†]: Our message will reveal itself. Quite clearly. In time.

.ΔSH.: Yes. Quite clearly. 

[ΔME†HYS†]: In time.

BAZOOKALUCA: So, you're saying there is a finite conceptual aspect to (NATIV&) STABL&S. Is that why you rely heavily on typography and a specific visual aesthetic? It's not merely a "band" per se, but some sort of abstract art project?

.ΔSH.: Not art. We're avant-art at this point. We're doing something that's never been done before. It's so innovative that neural pathways for understanding it haven't been established yet. It's post-neural, as far as human brains at this time are concerned.

[ΔME†HYS†]: Yeah, we've estimated that the evolution of the human brain won't catch up with what we're doing until at least the 24th Century.

.ΔSH.: If not later.

[ΔME†HYS†]: Yeah, our estimates have a margin of error of a couple of decades or so, so it might be even later than that. 

.ΔSH.: Probably later.

BAZOOKALUCA: Right. So, do you think the lack of neural understanding at this time will hurt the initial impact and reach of your music... or conceptual project... or message... or whatever?

.ΔSH.: No.

[ΔME†HYS†]: No.

BAZOOKALUCA: Hmm, it seems like it would. At least by the explanation you just put forth...

[ΔME†HYS†]: No.

.ΔSH.: No.


[ΔME†HYS†] and .ΔSH. (in unison): NO.

BAZOOKALUCA: All right, well, moving right along. Talk a bit about the genre you've pioneered, |mangerscene|.

.ΔSH.: Thank you for saying that right.

BAZOOKALUCA: How did I say |mangerscene| right?

.ΔSH.: With the vertical bars on each end.


.ΔSH.: Yeah, I heard it.

[ΔME†HYS†]: I heard it too.


.ΔSH.: You're welcome.

[ΔME†HYS†]: Yeah, so, |mangerscene| is not so much a genre as it is the genre.It's all-encompassing. The manger is powerful religious imagery, it was where Jesus was placed after being birthed immaculately—the nativity scene. And so we took that imagery and applied it to our scene. Jesus is God The Son Incarnate, and (NATIV&) STABL&S is just another manifestation of that.

BAZOOKALUCA: Wow, some might have a problem with that. Do you think you have a God complex?

.ΔSH.: I like to think of it as a "God simplex," if you know what I'm saying.

BAZOOKALUCA: I'm afraid I don't...

[ΔME†HYS†]: Exactly.You should be afraid.

.ΔSH.: Because you're not developed enough in your neural...

BAZOOKALUCA: MY NEURAL PATHWAYS! YEAH YEAH, GOT IT. So is there anything else we didn't cover that you'd like to share. Something we, mere mortals are developed enough to understand at this time?

[ΔME†HYS†]: We have some t-shirts coming out concurrently with the mixtaEP that are pretty rad. Three different designs.

.ΔSH.: Yeah, and some (NATIV&) STABL&S-branded beer cozies that are totally rad.

[ΔME†HYS†]: Totally.

(NATIV&) STABL&S, t   r  ou   g  h will be released sometime this spring via BAZOOKALUCA RECORDS, however, you might not understand it until sometime in the 24th Century (+/- a couple of decades or so.)


  1. I thought for sure the first band you signed would be a Brokencyde coverband.

  2. I wish! I tried but they wouldn't sign unless I gave them a non-recoupable jet plane full of 4Loko and random sluts.



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