Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breaking Bad Season Four Poster Gets A Lot More Half-Life

Upon seeing the above poster, the words "Gordon Freeman" instantly came to mind. Never thought about it until now, but Bryan Cranston would make for a pretty badass theoretical physicist with a crowbar and a gravity gun. He's already playing a badass chemist, so you know he's got the chops. But who's gonna play Alyx Vance? 2009 BAZOOKALUCA Celebrity Girlfriend Rashida Jones, maybe? Mmmm, yesss.

For reference:

ALSO: If you're not watching Breaking Bad, dude, do yourself a favor and catch up before Season Four starts. One of the top three shows on television right now.


  1. Lamarr! Get down from there!

  2. Oh snap! I thought I saw something familiar in that Breaking Bad poster! You are dead on, man, it's almost like they borrowed the game cover directly. And yeah, I'm up for a Half-Life movie if someone would just make it for sure.



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