Friday, July 22, 2011

To Die For Some Ideas

I don't know of any English versions of "Mourir Pour Des Idées," but I desperately want someone to try their hand at this cover. 

French singer-songwriter/poet Georges Brassens wrote the song as a response to absolutists who impose that others should die for their ideas—the refrain basically says, "Let's die for some ideas, agreed, but of a slow death", premising that ideas are worth dying for, but only of old age. Brassens calls for "Oh you firebrands, oh you righteous apostles" to "be the first to die, we'll stand aside for you."

Fabrizio De Andrè sang my favorite version, naturally in Italian. He made a few edits in the verses, injecting some of his own poetic phrasing and dry wit, with slightly more forceful language than Brassens. 

There's a few translations floating around the internet of "Mourir Pour Des Idées," but they really don't do the song any justice, so if you happen to understand French and/or Italian, please enjoy:

Georges Brassens - "Mourir Pour Des Idées"

Fabrizio De Andrè - "Morire Per Delle Idee"

Additionally, I found a nice animated video accompanying Georges' version by Tigre De Papier on Vimeo.

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