Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Drove Through Limbo, And It Was In California

SR 198 during daylight hours, presumably
I drove through limbo on my way to my new home in Monterey, California.

And by limbo, I don't mean a construction zone held up by bureaucratic red tape, I mean THE EDGE OF HELL. You know... infinite inky blackness. A dark desolate void.

The stretch of road in question is California State Route 198 (SR 198), between the towns of Coalinga and San Lucas. It's a curvy and sloping drive just North of the Cholame Hills, not far from SR 41/46 where James Dean famously crashed his Porsche 550 Spyder and lost his life on a Fall day in 1955.


I found myself on SR 198 at approximately 9PM on a moonless night. At first, I thought nothing of the darkness and the isolation. But after a quarter hour of not seeing a single car and the darkness seemingly swallowing me deeper and deeper with every passing second, I started to freak out a bit. That's when I got my phone out and for the next hour or so, I documented my journey into the heart of darkness.

The following is that document, offered to you unedited and undoctored. Abandon all hope, ye who push play here: 

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